Treating you to Greece…

Here at Eleas Gi, we take you on a delicious culinary journey through time, with the bounty and flavours of our Greek land. Adhering to countless centuries of tradition, we apply our imagination and creativity to enhance the tried and true flavours of our traditional cuisine and give you new, fresh variations on these classic recipes. In our finest tradition of dinners with family and friends, we offer you unique combinations of exquisite dishes and flavours, all meticulously prepared with the finest seasonal ingredients available from our Greek land, thus varying according to the season of the year. These may be savoured in fixed menus of 14 or 24 items, as we recommend, or they may be ordered individually, if preferred.

Eleas Gi….is also the title of a Greek tale, of a true and eternal legend, which follows us throughout the centuries in our culture and in our cuisine. For this is the land of the Olive Tree, with which Greeks are inseparable. Here at Eleas Gi, we use only the extra virgin olive oil which our land so bountifully gives us. We use it exclusively to prepare our dishes with love and with respect for the authenticity of our cuisine. We add it toward the end of the preparation, and we pass on to you these unique flavours of our Greek Cuisine, all with the special touch of the golden-green extract of the venerable olive tree.