Menu of 14 flavors

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Μenu of 14 flavors: 35€ – 40€


  • Trahana soup with haloumi cheese
  • Olive bread & Corn bread
  • Homemade pita bread with olive oil and oregano
  • Olive spread & “Katiki Domokos” cheese with red pepper mousse spread
  • Smoked eggplant salad
  • “Εleas Gi” Salad
  • Herb pie baked in wood – fired oven
  • Cuttlefish with baby onions and orange sauce
  • Lemon basil sorbet

Main courses to select (35€/person)

  • Homemade pasta tagliatelle with shellfish
  • Homemade whole grain pasta tagliatelle with veal cheeks cooked in our wood – fired oven
  • Veal cheeks cooked in our wood – fired oven with mashed smoked eggplant
  • Smoked “Gyros” served with “Metsovone” cheese sauce
  • Rooster fillet flavored with citrus and rosemary
  • Pork fillet marinated in honey and mustard seed
  • Beef burger with Lesvos cheese
  • Little beef burgers in “staka”
  • Pork steak with aromatic herbs
  • Slow cooked Lamb in our wood – fired oven, sealed with dough

Main courses to select (40€/person)

  • Beef steak
  • Beef tagliata
  • Picanha
  • Black Iberian Pork
  • Hanger steak – Onglet


  • “Halvas” ice cream
  • Kataifi with white chocolate cream
  • Bitter chocolate Mousse