Eleas Gi Restaurant – Menu

At your disposal you can enjoy two selected menus either including 24 or 14 dishes. You may of course choose from our menu whatever you wish bringing to life memories from real Greek homemade food. You can either enjoy your food inside our cozy main room, next to the wooden oven, where daily bread, roasts and even some of our desserts are baked, or you may enjoy you dinner outside in the veranda under the shade of the planes.

Everything is made of the finest seasonal ingredients so that the nature itself can dine with you. The ingredients are to be changed every two months, obeying to the commands of the four seasons. Therefore you can never miss the surprises from your table since we renew both our ingredients and our ideas.

At we are proudly to offer you Greece at your plate.

Daily Choices

Menu 24 flavors

45 €/person

(without drinks)

Menu 14 flavors

35 €/person

(without drinks)

or a la carte choices


Sunday Lunch

Menu 24 & 14 flavors

38 €/person & 32 €/person

(without drinks)

or a la carte choices